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The security collaboration and transparency platform for software producers

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Root: Your Cloud-Native Software Collaboration Platform

Ditch the CVE Spreadsheet

Effortlessly understand and communicate which CVEs present real risk with our collaborative software supply chain acceptance platform. Better context means better decisions and less wasted time with spreadsheets and calls.

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Streamlined Security Reviews

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Faster Acceptance of New Releases

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Transparent and Centralized Communication

Ditch the CVE Spreadsheet - Streamline Security Reviews, Faster Acceptance, Transparent Communication
Build trust with customers - Empower collaboration, Continuous monitoring & reporting, Transparent sharing of security findings

Build trust with your
customers instead

Our platform enables software producers to quickly and easily share security findings, SBOMs and exploitability information (VEX) with their customers, proactively and transparently.

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Collaborate On Security Findings

Empower your security team to collaborate with your customer's security teams at scale, in real time to address their security concerns and speed up software adoption.

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Continuous Monitoring & Security Reporting Made Easy

Meet your customers' ongoing software security reporting and monitoring requirements, ensuring swift compliance with SLAs for vulnerability management and adhering to stringent criteria, including FedRAMP's continuous monitoring mandates.

Connect your favorite tools
for effortless workflow

Integrate with the security tools and workflows your teams already use, such as Prisma Cloud, Snyk, Slack, Jira & more to make sharing key security findings and software supply chain security related information a snap.

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Unlock the power of Rapid Software Acceptance


Stop Emailing Spreadsheets

Stop wasting your teams time on investigating inbound scan results and multiple spreadsheets.


Enhance Collaboration

Foster a culture of collaboration & trust end to end, across the entire software ecosystem


Meet SLA Deadlines

Say goodbye to missed SLAs & security
review deployment delays.


Gain Insights

Manage multiple customers from
a single place with a single
owner or team.


Deploy Faster

Enable faster software adoption by shortening security review times and keeping
customers up-to-date on efforts.


Close More Deals

Reduce sales cycles and approvals by gliding through security reviews and keeping
compliance teams in-the-know.


What Early Adopters
Have to Say

"We needed to reduce the number of vulnerabilities in the containers that were used to build our app. Root helped us achieve that made it easier to share our success with customers and partners."
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DevSecOps Leader

Series C Startup


What Is Root and How Do I Learn More?

We're still in stealth mode building product. Join our waitlist or check back here for more information as we continue to build towards a safer, more transparent future.

How do I learn more about Root?
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Root is a software supply chain collaboration and transparency platform built for cloud-native software companies. We help software consumers understand, prioritize, and mitigate their risks. The company is a startup in stealth mode. To learn more, join the waitlist or follow us on LinkedIn.

Can I get access to the Root platform now?
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We're building as fast we can — and plan to have a Beta to show off later this year. In the meantime, we have a few spots open in our Early Adopter cohort. Join our waitlist and let us know you want to help us build more collaboration and transparency in cybersecurity.

What happens when I join the waitlist?
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Once you pre-register, you'll be among the first to receive updates, news, and exclusive offers regarding the launch of our project management tool. We'll review our list of Early Adopter organizations and let you know when we can get you access.

Can I become an Early Adopter as an individual developer or analyst?
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You are welcome to join the waitlist to stay up to date on what we're building and learning. As of this time, however, we are only accepting organizations and teams as Early Adopters. Want to use Root in your company? Let us know.

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We can't wait to help you trust your software faster than ever before.

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Want to use Root with your team or organization? Reach out here.


If you have any questions, please feel free
to contact us at [email protected].

Follow us on LinkedIn for any
news and product updates.